Tuesday, April 14, 2009


How could the Washington Post be publishing this on their front-page? It's taunting, no, gloating, please be in awe of the precesion with which we can create killers? Such good marksmen? We will now glorify our killings of these three men, and luckily for them, they were without their chew? Is this supposed to be patriotism? I don't understand it. They need a full explanation to go along with such a decision.

"Based on those reports, the White House said, the president gave 'the Department of Defense policy guidance and certain authorities to allow U.S. forces to engage in potential emergency actions.'"

Obama ordered the kill?

"In Somalia, in the pirate haven of Harardhere, where locals have benefited from millions of dollars in pirate ransom, the military operation seemed like a bewildering display of force against four errant young men. 'It was wrong to kill those pirates,' said Aisha Gurey, an Arabic teacher. 'The international community is wrong, and the pirates are wrong. But in this case, the strong one has killed the weak one.'"

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